QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.



3D Engine Prototypes

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 3d, graph

Various experiments in software 3D graphics. Warning: Uses no functions or subs!

3D Grapher

🐝 Ashish Kushwaha 🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 3d, gl

3D Grapher made in QB64.

Circle Intersecting Circle

🐝 bplus 🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 geometry, intersections, qbjs

Here we present two (equivalent) methods for calculating the intersection points between any two …

Curve Smoother

🐝 STxAxTIC 🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 curve, interpolation

This program demonstrates (i) linear interpolation to create a curve between points, (ii) a relax…

Ellipse Intersecting Line

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 geometry, intersections, qbjs

… all I could think is “why stop at circles when you can do ellipses?”

Fibonacci Variations

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 fibonacci, spiral

The Fibonacci sequence is “seeded” with the golden ratio, but what if we change that?


🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 physics, simulation

Demonstrates the efficacy of various integration methods in physics.

Lens Simulator

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 2d, ray tracer

This program simulates light rays passing through a lens with a given index of refraction and con…

Lines Intersecting

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 geometry, intersections, qbjs

Line segments intersecting.


🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 zen

Parabola-based screensaver by STxAxTIC.

Trig Demo

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 trigonometry

Trivial trigonometry demo.

Vector Field

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 2d, vectors, qbjs

Vector field demonstration.