QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.



3D Cube

🐝 Relsoft 🔗 3d, cube

3d cube polygon filled using paint. ;*) I could probably shorten the code in less than 20 lines b…

3D Engine Prototypes

🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 3d, graph

Various experiments in software 3D graphics. Warning: Uses no functions or subs!

3D Grapher

🐝 Ashish Kushwaha 🐝 STxAxTIC 🔗 3d, gl

3D Grapher made in QB64.

3D Wireframe

🐝 Rich Geldreich 🔗 3d, wireframe, legacy

‘3DEXP2.BAS By Rich Geldreich June 2nd, 1992 ‘A fast, QuickBASIC 4.5 3-D wireframe animation prog…

3DS Viewer

🐝 missing 🔗 3d, wireframe, legacy

3D Grapher made in QB64.

Cube Rotator

🐝 Entropy 🔗 3d, 9 lines, legacy

’ cube rotator in 11 lines. From a 19 liner by Entropy, shrinked by Antoni Gual ‘for Rel’s 9 LINE…


🐝 Kevin B. Kohler 🔗 game, 3d, legacy

PRINT “ Canibal Gopher inc. presents “ PRINT “ Drug Runner 3d demo” PRINT “ …


🐝 Jeh 🐝 Yu 🔗 3d, sphere

Glen Jeh, 8/12/1994, William Yu (05-28-96) ‘{A little rotating sphere, by Glen Jeh, 8/12/1994, u…

Helicopter Rescue

🐝 TrialAndTerror 🔗 game, 3d, flight

================================================================================= H E L …

Kaleidoscope 3D

🐝 qbguy 🔗 3d, art

Move mouse to rotate, escape to quit

Maptriangle in 3D

🐝 Petr 🔗 3d, maptriangle

A demo to show rotation in 3D using MAPTRIANGLE 3D, without direct OpenGL statements. Librarian’…

Ray Tracer Z

🐝 Zom-B 🔗 3d, ray tracer

This is a ray tracer I’ve been working on for the past 6 years. Well, on and off of course :) It’…


🐝 Antoni Gual 🔗 3d, raycaster

‘Antoni Gual raycaster ‘Modified from Entropy’s an 36-lines entry for the Biskbart’s ‘40-lines QB…

Texel Raytracer

🐝 Antoni Gual 🔗 3d, ray tracing

Pure QB Realtime Raytracer Demo. Translated to/optimized for QB by Antoni Gual agual@eic.ictnet.e…