QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.



BETA Release 0.7.0 of QB64 Extension for Visual Studio Code available. This thing just keeps getting better and better!


QB64 releases v2.1! See details here. Note that this release is marked as Pre-release due to the significant changes related to the build/release process.


Congratulations to @dbox for capturing SILVER (second) in the Jam For All Basic Dialects #3 representing QB64 and his GX game engine!


BETA QB64 for NP++ v0.2.0 released!


BETA Things are becoming more polished and functional with the release 0.6.2 of QB64 Extension for Visual Studio Code. (Note: This is only available in the development branch.)


BETA Although still very much a beta, the 0.5.0 build of QB64 Extension for Visual Studio Code is really starting to take shape.


BETA Use Notepad++, then you should really check out QB64 for NP++ v0.1.0.


BETA The first, very early, release of QB64 Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available through a manual install (not available in the VSCode Marketplace at this time).


The Jam For All Basic Dialects #3 contest has been announced!

It is easier to learn than many other programming languages as BASIC’s commands are similar to English and it has a simple set of rules. Nowadays there are many BASIC dialects which are suitable for game development. Many of them are free of charge. I list some BASIC dialects which are suitable for game development here: (But you can use any other BASIC dialects which are not on the following list for this game jam.)

The jam will be suitable for any kind of game developer and you will have so much fun in this jam. Furthermore, all entrants can share their experiences of using BASIC dialects in the jam. Before the jam starts, three themes will be selected from the following six themes by me.(1. War 2. Random 3. Escape 4. Powerful 5. One Way Trip 6. Circles, Squares & Triangles)

The contest will take during the month of August, so be sure to check it out!

See Also: Jam For All Basic Dialects #1, Jam For All Basic Dialects #2

– Cory Smith


Some planning has taken place and we can announce that work has begun on first fixing the issues surrounding the content behind the wiki and how this will be made available, maintained and ensure stability. Work has begun but it will take some time complete the full transition; with that said, the effort should worth it in the end as it helps to better future proof the content.

– Cory Smith


QBjs has just released v0.5.0-beta that adds Data, Read and Restore, a significant parser update, improved error reporting and 35 new keywords!


QBjs has just released v0.4.0-beta that adds simple sharing via url embedding, standard libraries and a host of additions, fixes and updates.

You can see some of this work in action by checking out these samples:

– Cory Smith


Thanks to the efforts of William Barnes and other community members, many of the videos that were “lost” have now been restored and made available via QB64 Official.

– Cory Smith


An Official QB64 Repo has been established that forks directly from the GalleonDragon Repo and incorporates all of the changes, additions, etc. that were done as part of the “QB64 Team”. This work is in preparation for future work on QB64 once a lot of the administration issues are worked through.

– Cory Smith


Bryan Lunduke follows up his article more details and commentary via his most recent The Lunduke Journal Podcast episode.

– Cory Smith


Bryan Lunduke attempts to detail some of the recent circumstances around the demise of QB64.org; check out The wild events that nearly took down the QB64 project (but, thankfully, didn’t).

– Cory Smith


Patreon signup page finally updated to reflect that donations are no longer being accepted.

– Cory Smith


Robert Ryan Carter NUKES all content related to QB64.org across website, wiki, forum, twitter, youtube, podcasts (except his own), etc. However, continues to accept Patreon donations…

This “action” appears to be in response to the community vocal backlash to the official stance (put in place, from what I understand, by Robert Ryan Carter) “Any media uploaded to QB64 sites, are the property of the QB64 Project.”

This statement brought into question of who owns (or rather the immediate loss of ownership of) the content already shared across QB64.org properties (even before they became part of QB64.org).

I can share that I had the same concerns but understood the underlying reason(s) behind the statement. I shared with the team what Microsoft has on their forums and they did indeed update the terms to be a lot more clear. However, due to banning in Discord and level of anger built up over time - it appears that this new terms of service, which was clearly defining that people owned their content and that permission was being shared with QB64 for a specific set of usages. A circumstance of too little too late apparently.

I personally think that Robert has a lot of explaining to do and question whether or not he has broken a host of laws in his actions. In the very least, his actions are not excusable.

Hopefully the community can regroup and recover over time.

– Cory Smith