QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.




🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, multiplayer

A pretentious clone attempt of Among Us (originally by Inner Sloth) To test: 1) Compile/run amon…


🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, breakout

A Breakout clone with DXBall aspirations.

Cant Contain Me

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game

Can’t Contain Me is a game developed in QB64. The pieces are trying to escape your screen and th…

Cloned Shades

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game

A clone of ‘Shades’ which was originally developed by UOVO.

Curve Smoother

🐝 STxAxTIC 🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 curve, interpolation

This program demonstrates (i) linear interpolation to create a curve between points, (ii) a relax…


🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, frostbite

A clone of Frostbite for the Atari 2600, originally designed by Steve Cartwright and published by…


🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, lights

‘Lights On ‘A game by Fellippe Heitor. ‘ ‘Original concept by Avi Olti, Gyora Benedek, Zvi Herman…

Lissajous Curve Table

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 graphics, trigonometry

Graphical Lissajou’s Figures. For added eye-candy-ness, I’ve changed the plot line to paint usin…

Pendulum Game

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, pendulum

My attempt at creating something drawing inspiration from Fire Rides by Voodoo. Made with QB64.


🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, platform

Platform What does a 2D platform game take? Made with QB64.

Set Fire to Rain

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, zen

A hot game. Let’s make Adele proud.


🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, space shooter

Fly across the universe on a quest for survival against alien enemy forces. Made with QB64.

Thick Lines

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 graphics, line

This can be used to draw a line with a specified lineWidth.

Tic Tac Toe Rings

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 game, tic tac toe rings

Tic Tac Toe Rings by Fellippe Heitor.


🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 interface, tui

Text User Interface for QB64 projects