QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.



American Flag

🐝 Vince 🔗 2d, graphics, qbjs

Waving American Flag demo by Vince.

Deedlines Sax

🐝 Michael Kargas 🔗 graphics, legacy

Deedlines Sax… A pure Qbasic demo done by connecting various older or newer sources.. Featuri…

Fire 13

🐝 missing 🔗 fire, graphics

Fire dominates the lower screen.

Fire Demo

🐝 harixxx 🔗 graphics, fire

_Title “FIRE Demo v1.0” ‘—– by harixxx ‘—– 6-16-2010


🐝 Antoni Gual 🔗 graphics, floorscape

Floormaper by Antoni Gual for Rel’s 9 LINER contest at QBASICNEWS.COM 1/2003


🐝 Jon Mark O’Connor 🔗 graphics, dos world

’ FUNSUBS.BAS ‘ by Dennis Mull and Tina Sweet ‘ Copyright (C) 1994 DOS World ‘ Published in Issue…


🐝 Jon Mark O’Connor 🔗 graphics, dos world

’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ ‘LFX by Jon Mark O’Connor ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘’'’…

Lissajous Curve Table

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 graphics, trigonometry

Graphical Lissajou’s Figures. For added eye-candy-ness, I’ve changed the plot line to paint usin…


🐝 missing 🔗 graphics, legacy, qbjs

‘MakeBig.bas: ‘This program reads data statements and uses pset to draw the ‘pixel color they rep…


🐝 missing 🔗 graphics, legacy

Simple night sky & moon.


🐝 Chris Chadwick 🔗 graphics, bitmap

’~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘ PIXELplus 256 Us…

Plasma Effect

🐝 Cyperium 🔗 graphics, plasma

Use the left mousebutton to draw a line, change color with the right mousebutton, the middle mous…


🐝 Vince 🔗 2d, graphics, qbjs

Plumeria demo by Vince.

Relief 3D

🐝 Danilin 🔗 graphics, isometric, qbjs

Isometric 3D demo.


🐝 Galleon 🐝 bplus 🔗 graphics, rotozoom

A modification of Galleon’s RotoZoom in Wiki that both scales and rotates an image, this version …


🐝 missing 🔗 graphics, ascii, legacy

Simple coloured ascii smilies.

Screen Tester

🐝 patz2009 🔗 graphics, utility, legacy

’ PQBC Screen Tester ‘-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-…


🐝 Mennonite 🔗 graphics

‘sinecube 2006 mennonite ‘public domain

Thick Lines

🐝 Fellippe Heitor 🔗 graphics, line

This can be used to draw a line with a specified lineWidth.