QB64 is a modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QBasic/QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.



Fractal Art

🐝 Zom-B 🔗 fractal, art

This is […] a series of fractal artworks that I ported from Ultra Fractal to Quick Basic 4.5 wi…

Fractal Fern

🐝 missing 🔗 fractal, fern

The legendary fractal fern.

Inverse Julia Fractal Explorer

🐝 Zom-B 🔗 fractal, julia set

The longer you hold your mouse at one position, the more it starts to glow.

Julia Rings

🐝 Relsoft 🔗 fractal, julia set, qbjs

Automated Julia set explorer.

Mandelbrot Animator

🐝 missing 🔗 fractal, mandelbrot

Mandelbrot animator.

Mandelbrot Set 2003

🐝 Antoni Gual 🔗 fractal, mandelbrot, 9 lines

‘MANDELBROT by Antoni Gual 2003 ‘for Rel’s 9 LINER contest at QBASICNEWS.COM 1/2003 ‘———–…

Mandelbrot Set 2008

🐝 qbguy 🔗 fractal, mandelbrot

public domain, uses qb64’s 2d prototype

Mandelbrot Spiral

🐝 qbguy 🔗 fractal, mandelbrot

Mandelbrot spiral by qbguy.

Mandelbrot Zoomer

🐝 Tor Myklebust 🔗 fractal, mandelbrot

‘QBDEMO (C) 2002 Tor Myklebust ‘The fractal zoomer should run at 60FPS on a 500MHz machine. I d…

Sierpinski Fractal

🐝 missing 🔗 fractal, triangle, legacy, qbjs

The legendary fractal.

Turtle Graphics

🐝 triggered 🔗 fractal, turtle graphics, qbjs

Basic “turtle graphics” setup. Draws a Koch snowflake by default.